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  • In praise of PM Trudeau’s turbine decision As reported in the Star of July 18 (p. 8), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a refreshing act of statesmanship, responded to a telephone request from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to block shipment of repaired Siemen’s Corp. turbines to Germany (where said turbines would serve to facilitate import of Russian natural gas) by refusing the Ukrainian president’s request and authorizing the shipment.
  • Informed decision-making requires facts Ed. note: this Whitehorse writer has requested anonymity as a former member of the health care profession who retired due to COVID-19 and who does not necessarily wish family members to be associated with the views expressed here.
  • We were kept on the periphery of the planning Ed. note: this is an open letter to Gov. Gen. Mary Simon and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
  • Dutch events are sowing the seeds for Canada On July 23, Canadian farmers will be convoying and demonstrating in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario in support of Dutch farmers.
  • Take the road to reality, Sir Dear citizen Gerald Hooper:

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