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When you subscribe to Whitehorsestar.com your contact information (including name, mailing address, phone number and email address) is added to subscription database so that, from time to time, we can send you information about new features and changes to Whitehorse Star-branded products and services.

Comment Policy

On harassment in comments
If you believe a Whitehorsestar.com user commenter is engaging in harassing behaviour, we suggest you not respond. If the issue persists, please contact us and identify the offending comment(s).

Engaging in comment behaviour that violates our Terms of Use even in response to other commenters whom you believe are acting in a harassing manner, will subject your own comments to removal and your own account to possible banning.

Banned subscription accounts
Subscription accounts are banned on a case-by-case basis in the context of our Terms of Use.

If your subscription account has been banned, please contact us with a reasonable case to make regarding reinstating your account. Note, though, that we cannot and do not respond to every request for reinstating banned accounts, nor to every email requesting explanation for why an account was banned.

How are cookies used on Whitehorsestar.com?

Whitehorsestar.com uses permanent cookies to grant you certain access privileges, such as access to your personalized profile and protected content. We use permanent cookies to customize the areas of the website you wish to view as well as to track aggregate visitor usage and statistics. Our permanent cookie also identifies unique visitors, including any specific country information of a visitor.

Please be assured that we take your concerns about privacy quite seriously, and we intend to take every reasonable effort to protect it. For questions, comments or to review your information, please contact us.