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June 14, 1969

May 12, 1969

May 8, 1969

  • Pioneer Company Closes Store After 42 years in Whitehorse, and more than 100 in the north, the Northern Commercial Company Limited announced today that it will close its Whitehorse department store as of this Saturday. When the key is turned in the lock at 5:30 it will be for the last time.

May 5, 1969

  • Million Dollar Remodeling For Highway Traffic Circle Tenders for the reconstruction of 18 miles of the Alaska Highway from Mile 909.2 to Mile 928.5 closed on Thursday, My 1, 1969. The lowest bid was $961,584 submitted by Nanaimo Bulldozing Co. Ltd. of Nanaimo B.C.

February 3, 1969

October 3, 1968

July 4, 1968

May 16, 1968

May 9, 1968

March 30, 1968

February 28, 1968

February 13, 1967

November 1, 1966

  • The Klondike Defence Force Things had been simmering gently on the back burner for some time as Edmonton and its Exhibition Association gradually assumed more and more Klondike characteristics over the protests of Yukoners, who quite naturally, assumed that the Klondike was legitimately theirs.

October 17, 1966

  • Commissioner Jimmy Smith A 47-year-old businessman and northern of 26 years’ residence, Jimmy Smith was named Commissioner of the Yukon Territory Friday afternoon by Northern Affairs Minister Arthur Laing.

October 11, 1966

  • Half Million Damage As Fire Rages The community was gradually adjusting to the loss of its largest school today, as children were shunted to other classrooms, teachers prepared to double up, clubs found they had no meeting place, and the total loss was checked out by authorities.
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