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September 1, 1966

  • Slip Slidin' Away So you want to move a 210 foot paddle wheeler THROUGH the streets of Whitehorse to a location a quarter mile away, and you want it to arrive in one piece…who you gonna call? KUNZE and OLSON, that's who!

June 1, 1966

  • The Dalton Trail Visitors to the Yukon and Alaska are always interested in the history of the areas through which they travel.

March 23, 1965

  • Bobby Kennedy Climbs Mt. Kennedy Mountain and mountain climbing stories in The STAR have always received prominent coverage. One of the interesting climbs was made by the late U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy in March 1965 when he climbed the Canadian mountain named for his brother President John F. Kennedy.

April 2, 1964

  • DPW takes over highway Hundreds of spectators crowded around the ceremonial grounds Wednesday to witness the official hand-over of the Northwest Highway System to the Department of Public Works from the Canadian Army.

November 8, 1963

  • NSAA Burns The North Star Athletic Association lasted 60 years in Whitehorse, then died November 8, 1963 as it had been created; by an ordinance passed at Yukon Territorial Council session.

April 11, 1963

March 27, 1963

  • Hey, I'm Alive.....Part 2 Part 2 - true story of Ralph Flores and Helen Klaben surviving a plane crash in the yukon wilderness. The date was February 1963 and happened during -40 degree weather.

March 26, 1963

  • Hey, I'm Alive! Part 1 "I opened my eyes and looked outside, Hey I'm alive" I thought. "Well what do you know?" I realized I was sitting in a crashed plane, but I did not understand right away that I had been blacked out for perhaps half an hour. Then before I even looked to see, I felt my left arm was broken.

April 12, 1962

  • Buried In Trench Two men were buried in a trench yesterday afternoon at the vocational school site when an earth and gravel wall collapsed on them.

March 12, 1962

  • Two planes down Saturday The light planes were brought down late Saturday afternoon by blinding snow that swept the Alaska Highway area north and south of Whitehorse.

February 22, 1962

  • Wolves Attack Horses Wolves, within a few miles of Whitehorse, caused the death of one horse and severely injured a second during the weekend.
  • Start Flats Move Removal of buildings from squatter areas in Whitehorse is to commence at once. Northern affairs and territorial officials made the announcement today.

December 28, 1961

  • Christmas Fire Guts Block An entire city block in downtown Whitehorse lies in a crazy, twisted heap of jagged, ice-covered ruins. It is all that remains of a complex of shops, offices, hotel rooms and apartments.

August 10, 1961

  • Tourist gets two years Trial of U.S. citizen Donald Lawrence Hass in connection with the highway shooting of city accountant Gerry Braden went into its final stages this afternoon.
  • 'Quite mad', judge comment "This is an absolutely incredible case," said Judge Parker in sentencing Donald Hass to two years in jail for the highway shooting of Gerry Braden last week.

August 25, 1960

  • Keno Churns Toward Dawson The paddlewheeler Keno was scheduled to begin churning towards Dawson City on its final voyage at 2 p.m. today. Captain Frank S. Blakely, 72, of British Columbia,

February 10, 1960

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