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January 3, 1991

January 2, 1991

  • Fire Breaks Out at Saan Store What appears to be a major fire broke out at the Saan clothing store at the corner of Second Avenue and Ogilvie Street at about 12:30 this afternoon.

August 17, 1990

August 15, 1990

July 25, 1990

  • Heritage branch workers reeling at Tutshi's loss It’s a “black day” for the Yukon as people throughout the territory today mourn the loss of an irreplaceable piece of their history after the 73-year-old sternwheeler Tutshi burned to the ground early this morning in Carcross.

July 18, 1990

  • Ice Worms & Blue Snow Whenever there was a lull in local news or the overland telegraph broke down, Star editor "Stroller" White lapsed into memories of the deep south, or "interviews" with local colourful characters whose authenticity was left to the readers imagination.

June 20, 1990

June 16, 1990

June 1, 1990

April 26, 1990

March 27, 1990

  • Alaskan fined $5,000 for exporting Bear Bladders An Alaskan man of Korean descent who pleaded guilty Monday to illegally exporting 58 grizzly and black bear bladders from British Columbia was sentenced in Yukon territorial court to a day in jail and fined $5,000.

March 14, 1990

  • Martha Benjamin: Canadian Champion "Martha beats them all" a STAR headline proclaimed in 1963 when an Old Crow skier and mother of five children became the first Yukoner to win a national skiing title.

February 26, 1990

  • Babe Southwick: Yukon Spirit On February 26, 1965, a well–known Yukoner, Babe Southwick, burst into Whitehorse with her Destruction Bay dog team to enter the Sourdough Rendezvous dog races.

January 5, 1990

  • RCMP Chopper plucks five from lake After drifting for 15 hours on an icy Bennett Lake in temperatures close to -40, five Carcross residents were rescued by an RCMP helicopter Tuesday.

November 3, 1986

  • The Klondike Defence Force The following was originally published in Nov. 1986. The occasion was the transfer to the Yukon Foundation of a $9,000 balance in the 20–year–old Yukon Klondike Defence Fund.
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