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June 6, 1998

  • RCMP accident under investigation Two RCMP vehicles have been written off and one officer is in hospital after an accident on the Alaska Highway in Whitehorse Thursday afternoon.

May 21, 1998

  • Cougar attacks man in Kusawa Lake area A Whitehorse man escaped with scrapes and a possible broken jaw after a cougar pounced on him while he was hiking in the Kusawa Lake area last Sunday.

May 13, 1998

April 24, 1998

April 20, 1998

April 9, 1998

  • Missing man rescued After two days of being pinned down by driving snow, Derek Holmes decided last Sunday he would try to compass his way back along the seven kilometres to the Haines Road.

April 7, 1998

  • Ward gets a 4 year sentence James Joe Ward is going to jail for four years. In handing down his decision yesterday, territorial court judge Heino Lilles spoke to the victim’s family, her community, and of a lifestyle he says led to the tragedy.

March 31, 1998

  • Ward trial underway James Joe Ward choked Maranda Shelly Peter three times on the night he killed her in the basement of his Riverdale house.
  • Murder in Faro Faro has been badly shaken by the murder Monday night of a young mother in the mining community.

March 6, 1998

August 11, 1997

  • Massive Grizzly shot in Porter Creek A large grizzly bear was shot in Porter Creek early this morning - and wildlife officials believe it’s the bear that’s been the centre of concern recently.

June 27, 1997

  • Klassen appeal dismissed An appeal of Ralph Klassen’s five-year prison sentence for strangling his wife in a fit of rage was dismissed today by three B.C.-Yukon Appeal Court justices.

June 13, 1997

  • Faulty heat tape blamed for blaze The January blaze that destroyed the Chief Zzeh Gittlit School in Old Crow was caused by tape that caught fire inside the building’s plumbing and heating system, the territorial fire marshal has concluded.

February 5, 1997

  • Klassen case raised in the House of Commons “How on earth could anybody use provocation as why they killed somebody by strangulation so hard that they bruise their thumbs and then smother them with a pillow case?”

January 29, 1997

  • School Fire in Old Crow The Grades 7 to 9 students were watching trapper Stephen Frost’s demonstration on how to skin a wolverine when the news broke shortly after lunch time Tuesday that the Old Crow school was on fire.

December 10, 1996

  • Extra food chain monitoring urged The Canadian Polar Commission wants the federal government to set up a program focused on the northern food chain. Ideally, it would monitor the effects on human health of country food that has contaminants in it.
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