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October 19, 1952-March 12, 2022

Stan was born in Vulcan, Alberta on October 19, 1952. His mother was Nelda Soper, and his father was Roy Janson, and he had four siblings. Stan was named after his uncle Stanley Soper. His middle name came from his father, Roy. His family always remarked that Stan was very intelligent for such a young man, and he retained a high IQ throughout his lifetime. He was a very quiet, soft-spoken, and patient man.

Stan grew up in Lethbridge, Alberta and went to Westend school until grade 6. His family moved to Nanton, Alberta where he continued his education and graduated from high school. He moved back to Lethbridge at the age of seventeen. Stan worked his first job at the Stan Welfare & Food Safety for (microbiology) crop production ( Agrology) breeding, genetics associated with farming in a semi-arid climate.

At the age of twenty, Stan moved to Sparwood, BC, close to Blairmore, Alberta (Crowsnest Pass), and entered the mining industry. This is where he learned to operate equipment. He worked underground at the Racehorse Mine for nine years. At age twenty-three, Stan decided to work for West Star Mining, which was an open-pit mine. They shut their doors after 1 1/2 years of operation. At that point, Stan decided to buy his own semi-truck and with it, he hauled freight all over Canada.

Throughout these years in Crowsnest Pass, Stan married and had three beautiful boys. After over ten years, he and his wife decided to go their separate ways.

In 1987, Stan met a lady named Naomi, she lived in Taber, Alberta. Stan had a passion for the Yukon and made plans to move to Faro. In 1988, Stan asked Naomi if she would like to accompany him and his boys to the Yukon. She said, yes, and they lived in Faro for many years. He worked for the underground mine in Faro. Years later, Stan and Naomi separated, but remained very close friends and roommates for years after.

Years later, Stan met Rhonda Janson, his soulmate and forever love, whom he stayed with to the end of his life. Stan gained a stepdaughter, Lacey, and two more grandchildren, Tia and Kingsley.

Stan was an avid outdoorsman and spent most of his time on the land, travelling all over the Yukon, with the past twenty years at Tarfu, Yukon.

Life was an adventure for Stan with his wife, Rhonda. They both had a love for the beauty of the Yukon mountains. They shared a passion for sunsets, the land, camping and campfires, and the sheer beauty of it all for the past 20 years. They loved socializing with friends, entertaining, barbecuing, and travelling. Life was spontaneous for the two of them. Stan loved to fish, boating in many places in Alaska, and Yukon.

Stan had a difficult eight months fighting esophageal cancer. He passed away at Whistle Bend Hospice on March 12, 2022 at the age 69. His wife, Rhonda and his stepdaughter, Lacey Ackland were by his side to the end.

Thank you, Stan (Babe). You will be missed by friends and family for your kind soul, your humour, generosity, and respect. Thank you for not judging others, accepting them for who they were. Thank you for your soft-spoken voice and the kind words you spoke so often. Most of all, thank you for treating a lady like a lady, the life you provided me, and for giving me the wonderful years we had together. Thank you for your love and generosity. Thank you for your wonderful sense of humour that you held on to right to your last moments. You always made light of things to put us all at ease. Thank you, sweetheart. I love you and won’t say goodbye. I know you never left. Until we meet again - Rhonda

Stan is survived by his wife, Rhonda Janson, stepdaughter, Lacey Ackland, his sons Travis Janson, Randy Janson (Nadawn), Brady Janson (Holly), and his grandchildren, Tia, Kingsley, Cohen, Maddy, Aden, Arora. and Jude.