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DETECTS A CORRUPT SYSTEM – Joseph Zelezny says the People’s Party of Canada won’t ‘support or enable’ the political correctness or corruption that he says have taken hold of Canadian politics.

Zelezny sees ‘an opportunity for starting fresh’

Freshman contestant Joseph Zelezny is running as the Yukon’s first People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate on a platform of freedom of speech, deregulation, tax cuts and eliminating foreign spending.

By Gabrielle Plonka on October 18, 2019

Ed. note: here, the Star presents profiles of the territory’s five federal election candidates in alphabetical order. All five candidates’ profiles are available for free to view.

Freshman contestant Joseph Zelezny is running as the Yukon’s first People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate on a platform of freedom of speech, deregulation, tax cuts and eliminating foreign spending.

“The absolute fundamental thing is free speech, because if you don’t have that, then you don’t have anything else,” Zelezny told the Star. 

He was attracted to the PPC, newly formed under Maxime Bernier in 2018, because it promised to veer away from the political ecosystem he feels is disenfranchising Canadian voters.

“People are getting more interested in the PPC, especially those who haven’t voted for several decades … because they didn’t feel comfortable voting against a particular party in terms of strategic voting,” he said. 

Zelezny, 32, has committed to eliminating the carbon tax and capital gains, cutting business taxes and personal taxes.

At a number of forums over the election period, Zelezny posted tax cuts as the solution to social justice issues. He argued that when economic prosperity increases on the individual level, citizens are healthier, happier and better able to spend money on private health care. 

He paired advocacy for decreased taxation with arguments for the simplification of the tax code and abolishment of “corporate welfare handouts and subsidies.”

Zelezny argues for the deregulation of government, reduction of bureaucracy and the increase of privatization. 

He has pledged to repeal the Multiculturalism Act and the Canadian Health Care Act. In repealing the Health Care Act, Zelezny said, he would support health care innovation and the growth of traditional medicine practices in the territory by enabling competition. 

He also promised to repeal a number of bills he says are stifling free speech.

In an email to the Star, Zelezny said he would protect firearms rights and co-sponsor the Property and Rural Protections Acts to improve safety.

He would also vote in favour of the pro-life legislation.

“PPC is the only principled party that stands for freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect, for Canadians to enable prosperity and stop the debt-fuelled spending binge that has gone on by the other parties,” Zelezny said.

Zelezny said because his party is based on a platform of free speech and fairness, he would be free in the House of Commons to advocate for Yukon priorities without the pressure of a party whip.

To reduce federal debt levels, Zelezny advocates for an end to foreign spending, refocusing funds toward Canadians.

Zelezny said his party won’t “support or enable” the political correctness or corruption that he says have taken hold of Canadian politics. 

The candidate has called the rippling global-wide declarations of climate emergency a “wealth redistribution scheme” that is needlessly scaring Canada’s youth. 

“Vote for your values, not out of fear,” he urged.

Zelezny noted his party has committed to providing clean water to First Nations communities.

Zelezny, an IT specialist, has worked in a number of computer and networking industries. His parents emigrated from Eastern Europe in the throes of a communist regime, settling in Ontario, where Zelezny grew up.

He holds a certificate of technical studies from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is in the midst of pursuing a Bachelor degree in Emergency and Security Management Studies from the Justice Institute.

Zelezny has previously worked as a gymnastics coach, as a landscaper and in the oil and gas industry. He has also held positions with Elections BC and Elections Canada. 

He is self-described as fond of nature and technology, and stays active as a soccer and basketball player. He also enjoys swimming, wrestling, mountaineering, biking, skiing and has travelled widely.

Zelezny was attracted to politics in the last few years out of interest in Canada’s changing economic conditions, leading him to seek solutions for country-wide prosperity.

He joined the People’s Party at its inception, initially adopting the role of president of the Yukon Electoral District Association before seeking the party nomination.

“It’s very exciting,” he told the Star. “There’s an opportunity for starting fresh.”

Bernier’s planned visit to Whitehorse during the campaign was cancelled and never rescheduled.

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Max Mack on Oct 22, 2019 at 4:19 pm

I did not vote for Zelezny, but I admire him greatly for putting himself out there. The progressive left will never vote for him or Bernier or PPC policies, and, with the eager assistance of MSM, tried its darnest to associate the PPC with xenophobia, hatred, white supremacy, and every other so-called evil.

Good for you, Mr. Zelezny, for standing up for your convictions. Well done, sir.

Up 15 Down 4

in disbelief on Oct 20, 2019 at 12:45 pm


While Bernier’s allegations are not yet proven, the fact that Scheer and his party would engage in a campaign to sabotage another right-wing alternative will be seen by many Canadians – left and right – as a disqualifying action in the race to govern.

And if Bernier’s allegations prove true, in whole or in part, Conservatives and their operatives may have committed serious offences in an attempt to subvert the democratic process. If that is the case, Canadians deserve to know what Andrew Scheer knew, and when he knew it. If crimes were committed, Canadians need to know how close Scheer was to those crimes.

When given the opportunity to come clean today, Scheer refused to speak to Canadians. With Scheer’s silence, democracy demands that an immediate RCMP investigation commence – ideally, before the polls open on Monday – to provide any answers that can be uncovered. In a free society, voters cannot be left to wonder whether a man who would be their leader committed an assault on democracy to step into that role.

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Guestpost on Oct 19, 2019 at 9:51 pm

Jeremy, the regulations as they exist protect monopolies in most sectors, limit choice and result in high prices. Anti competition bureaus can ensure a fair level playing field. Limiting competition through bureaucratic regulations adds cost and results in poor service. Just like you can't legislate prosperity, you can only ensure a level playing field.
What's the incentive to invest in Canada with the amount of regulations fees and taxes there are? Money is fleeing! Without change this will become a banana republic, we're almost there, just without bananas. Not all regulations are created equal, the Liberals and Conservatives and NDP have sabotaged our economy nationwide and the greens are a lost cause. Ppc platform really is the best one.. a holistic approach to enable prosperity for all without rigging everything to gain favour of lobbyists etc.

Up 6 Down 16

No Excuse for Failure on Oct 19, 2019 at 1:14 pm

The only thing the PPC has accomplished is splitting the vote to help Bernier's friend Justin.
"It's far easier to fool people than to convince them they've been fooled"

Up 16 Down 11

senior on Oct 19, 2019 at 12:32 am

I'm impressed by the courage of this man. He seems to be the only person with any honour and passion to put Yukoners first and represent us with conviction. We surely cannot continue spending and borrowing into oblivion while forgetting to care for our own communities. Ending the never ending tax increases is an absolute must, I am barely making ends meet and have worked all my life to receive a pension that is less than what those crossing the border irregularly receive, shocking truly. Thank you

Up 6 Down 11

Jeremy Macleod on Oct 18, 2019 at 10:59 pm

I agree that our deficit is the master that will consume us all if we keep going the way we are. However, the mindset that cutting all taxes and regulation will be the thing to do that is shear insanity. Regulations come into play because businesses get too greedy and conspire against the people waaaay more than government does (or can if you believe every right wing extremist who believes the gov is totally incompetent). Many regulations came in due to lives lost. PPC constantly talks about resources coming in from overseas that doesn’t get over burdened with regulation. Really? You want mines to strip safety? Be more like 2nd and thirdworld countries where lives are not as important as money...but hey it’s ok... I get more money on my paycheck... surely when the government gets rid of regulation and taxes, businesses will continue to pay their employees good wages like they do in the countries PPC keeps mentioning we can’t compete against. Their whole platform is based off of confusion and rhetoric. Privatization of the medical system is going to be good for the territory? Has he not seen the amount of money sent to the territory from the feds? He came from the the most welfare ridden area of Canada, a territory that receives well over a billion dollars and 90% of its operation budget from the government of Canada and implies that private businesses will pick up the slack ...with lowered taxes....and no oversight....he’s heard of NorthwesTel yeah? Private businesses will take care of people? Hahaha that’s almost as laughable as the government being competent. At least with them I’d have an option of firing them every couple years.

Up 23 Down 14

Matthew on Oct 18, 2019 at 5:06 pm

Only one that makes sense is the PPC. If a business was run like the country it would be shut down, can't keep spending with no way out. On top of that, new taxes and higher cost of living.. wooo..

Up 5 Down 11

Patti Eyre on Oct 18, 2019 at 4:29 pm

haha Joseph likes long walks on the beach, poetry, and fireflies.

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