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Justice Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee and RCMP Chief Supt. Scott Sheppard

Yukon’s policing priorities set for 2019-20

Justice Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee has identified five policing priorities for 2019-20 for the Yukon RCMP.

By Whitehorse Star on May 10, 2019

Justice Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee has identified five policing priorities for 2019-20 for the Yukon RCMP.

The priorities focus on:

• creating the foundation for effective policing;

• addressing violence against women;

• responding to serious and organized crime; and

• fostering meaningful relationships with First Nations, communities and youth.

Each year, the Yukon Police Council meets with Yukoners about their needs, concerns and policing priorities.

Also considered are an analysis of emerging policing and community safety issues by the Department of Justice.

“This unique process helps build the foundation for effective policing throughout the territory,” McPhee said in a recent statement.

“Yukon’s RCMP serves us all with dedication and professionalism, and our government is proud to work with them to keep Yukoners safe.”

“This year’s policing priorities focus on more than keeping Yukoners safe and secure,” added RCMP Chief Supt. Scott Sheppard.

“They are about putting people first, being kind, building trust, and being consistent in providing the best policing service we can to the communities we serve.

“Across this territory, our employees are already doing great work. As we continue to build on their efforts, the ‘way of being’ identified in the first priority will remain at the heart of our organization.

Here are the five priorities, as set out in the statement:

Priority 1 – Create the foundation for effective policing in Yukon.

This priority encompasses a total policing philosophy as it lays the foundation for the other four priorities. It’s meant to be an overarching principle to guide and direct core policing functions and behaviours. The primary objectives include:

• RCMP members are visible and approachable to the public; and

• fostering public trust in the RCMP by enriching the public’s understanding of policing;

“The RCMP continue to train members to ensure a compassionate, respectful and appropriate response to all situations, with specific focus on sexualized assault, domestic violence and sexual exploitation,” the statement said.

“Efforts are made to recruit police officers who are a good fit for each community.

“As police are exposed to some of the most challenging and traumatic events through the course of their work, support and focus on self-care and mental health is essential for all members of the RCMP.”

Priority 2 – Enhance prevention, investigation and enforcement activities related to violence against women.

“The investigative response to all cases of sexualized assault and violence is empathetic, compassionate and carried out to a high standard,” the statement said.

“The Specialized Response Unit will continue to support, provide advice and lead investigations where appropriate while working collaboratively with other agencies.”

Priority 3 – Proactively respond to serious and organized crime.

This includes responding to emerging crime trends through proactive and intelligence-led policing.

Drug investigations and enforcement are focused on all levels of the drug trade throughout the territory.

Police will continue to focus on enhancing the response to and investigations of violent crimes in the territory connected with the drug trade and criminal groups.

The Historical Case Unit will investigate the Yukon’s unsolved homicides.

Priority 4 – Engage with and support children and youth.

This includes building trusting relationships with children and youth in collaboration with other service providers.

It also includes working with partners “to recognize and work with at-risk youth who may be vulnerable to the influence of the drug trade and other serious crime,” the statement said.

Priority 5 – Foster meaningful relationships within First Nations and throughout the communities.

“Lines of communication between the First Nations, communities and the Yukon RCMP continue to be strengthened,” the statement said.

“Constructive dialogue and relationship building remains a priority of all detachments.”

The local orientation of new police officers is consistently carried out in close co-ordination with First Nations, community leaders and other stakeholders, the statement said.

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Allan on May 14, 2019 at 5:59 am

The police can only do so much with limited resources. When those resources are utilized to their maximum then the slack has to be picked by the community. The police have a very stressful job with unreal expectations put upon them by the community to be perfect and (almost) solve every crime. That's something that most of us would like to see but truthfully it's unrealistic because as "Al" said they are understaffed and an additional 3-4 RCMP members are needed for the Whitehorse detachment.

Another factor is RCMP HQ has not properly provided the required equipment to detachments & their members.
"RCMP fined $500,000 for labour code violations, etc."
(The force was convicted of failing to provide its members with adequate use-of-force equipment and user training)

The RCMP can't do it on their own. Next time you see one let them know you appreciate their service to your community. It will make them feel more welcome and create better interaction with the Community. I know they are not perfect but neither is any other human being. Offenders, no matter who they are, will be dealt with through the courts. And, yes there have been disparities in the Justice system. With enough voices coming together towards the politicians hopefully these problems will be eventually corrected. Don't blame the police if they don't have the backing of the legal system to enforce the laws. Blame the politicians instead because they are the ones that make the laws. So, in the meantime, get over it and do your part by being pro-active and helping the RCMP to make this a crime free Community.

Kudo's and a big thanks also go out to the Firefighters and all the Emergency Response teams. Your contribution has not been overlooked.
Thank you all for making that sacrifice to make this a better and safer place to live! Much respect!

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My Opinion on May 12, 2019 at 2:17 pm

Funny as well. Did you notice that two of the four priorities are Race or Sex based. I thought that was not allowed.

Up 19 Down 2

My Opinion on May 12, 2019 at 2:16 pm

When I see that list I know why nothing happens with property crime in this town, even if you have them on video. All you get is a case number so you can go to your insurance. They don't even fingerprint. Because in the courts nothing will happen.

Up 27 Down 1

Al on May 10, 2019 at 10:37 pm

Given that YTG is responsible for paying for RCMP policing services in the Yukon for the Detachments. The first and really only priority to dole out some money for additional Police Officers - like 3-4 in Whitehorse alone. All the other "stuff" won't happen if you hold back adequate services. Pony up or shut up...

Up 33 Down 9

Abby Cooper on May 10, 2019 at 4:25 pm

First priority should be given to work through the unsolved murder cases here.

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