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TOWER PROJECT UNVEILED – Glenn Munro (left) and Tippy Mah discuss Mah’s Point 2 this morning. The $24-million, eight-storey condominium structure will become the city’s tallest residential building after it’s been completed.

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POSH LIVING ENVISIONED – The sketch shows the layout of one of the penthouses that will be included in Mah’s Point 2.

Stop-work order issued for Mah’s Point 2 site

A stop-work order was set to be issued today for the vacant lot at Second Avenue and Strickland Street that will see the building of Mah’s Point 2, an eight-storey condo structure.

By Stephanie Waddell on January 18, 2018

A stop-work order was set to be issued today for the vacant lot at Second Avenue and Strickland Street that will see the building of Mah’s Point 2, an eight-storey condo structure.

The building is dependent on at least 60 per cent of the units being pre-sold.

However, a small structure that is planned to serve as a showroom was placed on the site Wednesday morning, along with work being done on a wood-framed sign planned to advertise the development.

Pat Ross is the city’s manager of land and building services.

He explained in an interview Wednesday afternoon that without a development or building permit in place, no work can be done on the property, even to establish temporary structures.

While the applications have been submitted with the city, he said, they have not been approved.

“It’s a fairly involved review,” Ross said of such applications.

The city typically tries to do the review and give the developer a yay or nay on proceeding within two or three weeks of submitting the application, he explained.

The application was submitted Monday.

This morning, realtors and developers involved in the project said officials with Ketza Construction – which has been tasked with building the tower – were meeting with the city today about the matter.

It’s not anticipated a stop-work order will have any major impact on the project.

Realtor Marilyn Mah pointed out the structure placed on the site Wednesday was the same one they used a few years ago, when the Mah’s Point condo development at Second Avenue and Jarvis Street was built, though it now has a minor addition to it.

There is already a lot of interest in the 40 residential units in the new building, with three of the four penthouses “already spoken for.”

As well, interest has been expressed in another four of the condo units on the lower levels even before the website for the project goes live.

It’s anticipated the website detailing floor plans will be online by the end of the business day Friday.

The units on the lower floors will all be two-bedroom/two-bathroom units with six on each floor.

The top floor will feature four penthouse units with two or three bedrooms and two bathrooms depending on the unit.

Prices will range from $369,500 for some of the standard condo units on the lower floors to $681,000 for the largest penthouse.

Developer Tippy Mah said this morning the project is expected to cost about $24 million to build, with the 40 residential units and five commercial units on the ground floor all to be sold. The commercial spaces will be priced at $375 per square foot.

Tippy Mah noted much of the work on planning for the building began about a year ago.

With the area zoned to allow mixed-use commercial buildings of up to 25 metres, it just made sense to use the allowable height limit to build the eight storeys, as demand seems to be there.

Tippy Mah and Glenn Munro, who’s representing him on the project, pointed to the success of Mah’s Point in noting that this is the type of housing many are looking for.

“I think it’s a lifestyle choice,” Munro said.

He pointed to the convenience for many in the project’s central location.

Another advantage is being able to simply “walk away” from the unit without a lot of security or maintenance concerns if residents are out of the territory for extended periods.

“We think this is the right project at the right time,” he said.

Mah’s Point was built after a low-rise hotel and bar were demolished during the summer of 2009.

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Sally Wright on Jan 24, 2018 at 10:07 am

This will be a rich community within a community struggling to provide affordable housing. I don't see how you can call this a "good" project. Half a million $ and the owner can "just walk away" and winter somewhere else while the rest of us struggle to keep a roof over our heads. This is what is happening in Vancouver and those are cruel streets. I guess when you are 6 stories up, you get to be "above" all that dreck. A 6 story building downtown will stick out like a carbuncle. I am all for densification, but not just for the rich.

Up 3 Down 4

ProScience Greenie on Jan 21, 2018 at 12:42 pm

On a positive note, from the upper floors of this building one will have a great view of the 24/7 crack deals and muggings going down in the litter strewn back alleys of that part of town.

Anyways, like so many commercial projects in CoW, it sounds like a project in need of some 'follow the money' journalism.

Up 2 Down 5

jack on Jan 20, 2018 at 6:31 am

According to this article, the project has no funding and no backing from a bank or any other financial institution or investors and it is dependent upon 60% pre-sales. Other media is reporting that the developer is a numbered company rather than a well-known firm with a long track record of integrity. This sets of alarms bell in my head and deposits will be at risk.

Do your due diligence!!!

Up 4 Down 6

BnR on Jan 19, 2018 at 6:28 am

$369,500.00 (starting) for a condo. In Whitehorse.
Man, it's getting ridiculous. Real estate appraisers and realtors have been driving prices up in this city for years.
Selling used cars not working out for ya? Get yer real estate license!

Up 6 Down 0

Good project on Jan 19, 2018 at 5:09 am

As a project manager building these types of projects. This is a great idea. More cost effective for people living there. It is a community within a community.
Better use of down town space, which is limited.

Up 1 Down 4

jc on Jan 18, 2018 at 9:37 pm

Hope they plan to put it on pontoons so it won't float away on the river bottom.

Up 7 Down 2

Alan Boomer on Jan 18, 2018 at 5:35 pm

Will it alter the skyline and nature of the city. Yes of course.

Overall, I can only say that they should get the permit and people should chill. If the City allows buildings of that size then we have to live with it.

Up 5 Down 6

Hugh Mungus on Jan 18, 2018 at 3:01 pm

8 story? That's insane!!!

Up 8 Down 2

Nile Nukon on Jan 18, 2018 at 2:55 pm

Housing is too expensive! There's a shortage of housing! Lets build a trailer park downtown!
Wait someone wants to build something? Hell no! Not in my town!

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