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RCMP force way into residence to arrest pair

A man and a woman face a string of charges following an incident involving a hatchet and the take-over of a local home.

By Whitehorse Star on December 24, 2020

A man and a woman face a string of charges following an incident involving a hatchet and the take-over of a local home.

On Tuesday evening, Whitehorse RCMP said Wednesday, they received a 911 call about two people making threats and taking control of another person’s private residence.

While en route to the dwelling, officers learned that one of the invaders was armed with a hatchet.

Officers had to force their way into the residence to arrest the two individuals.

A search of the home was completed and officers located and seized a .32-calibre handgun.

Rodney Bailey, 47, and Lateesha Wolki, 32, have been charged with the following offences:

• possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose;

• unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon;

• possession of a restricted weapon with ammunition;

• possessing weapons contrary to an order;

• uttering threats;

• mischief;

• obstruction of the enjoyment of property; and

• breaching a recognizance.

Bailey has also been charged in relation to a Dec. 16 incident where an axe was presented to a male cab driver, who was threatened with it in lieu of the passenger paying the fare.

Bailey stands accused of:

• assault with a weapon;

• uttering threats;

• being unlawfully at large; and

• obtaining transportation by fraud.

There was also a warrant for Bailey’s arrest with regard to an earlier assault.

Bailey and Wolki are being held for court at the Arrest Processing Unit in Whitehorse.

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Hur dur on Dec 29, 2020 at 2:42 pm

Josey fakename, what are you doing wrong that storing lots of guns is your defense/plan? If you are afraid of anyone that comes to your property uninvited posing a threat, you may need to have a professional adjust your medications. Your neighbors must be thrilled you live there.
Fear of being invaded? How many hundreds of enemies do you have? Most people don't have this irrational fear of indivisible hoards of trespassers coming for their cabin out in the sticks.
I also hope I do well in your admitted made up larp scenario. When your not a toolbag to everyone, you don't collect enemies. Maybe try that whole "do unto others" thing? Or yoga? Get a dog?

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Hur durr on Dec 28, 2020 at 4:33 pm

Anie, it is a valid concern. I am all for term limits. Basic cognitive tests for all those over 65 would also be a good idea.
I think accountability is paramount with the justice system. If a judge is appointed, is that better than elected? Are they more accountable than if voted in or out? Both have pros and cons.
Lifetime appointments don't make sense to me, I've watched friends and family lose their ability to drive safely well before 65. Most appointments also tend to be political favors so there would be some bias.
Electing judges is a popularity contest but one would assume based on their past judgements not their ability to raise funds or rah rah!
There is no simple solution but we can all agree that the Yukon needs to take a hard look at the system itself. Everything about it can be better.

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Josey Wales on Dec 28, 2020 at 2:35 pm

moron...."You now have people on this soapbox advocating violence. "
and..."The advocacy of gun violence while minimizing personal responsibility (guns in house crowd) or people thinking that's a totally normal idea that regular people have?"

You go ahead and give them a big hug, listen to their tale of woe over hot chocolate and reach out. Let the home invaders know you are fully inclusive, believe in the collective and share your items with them as...we are all in this together...takes a village...I gave personal freedoms for some chance of 2nd party security...make it clear that there is no such thing as uninvited guests, and illustrate your compliance with whatever nefarious demand put.

Matter a fact I suspect you are a defund the police type, so do not call them. Use the above tactics to achieve a progressive and fully inclusive solution to thee issue of being invaded.
Make sure your affairs are in better standing than your reading comprehension skills...due too the predictable outcome of said fictional scenario.

Up 31 Down 3

Anie on Dec 28, 2020 at 1:42 pm

Hur Dur I'm not convinced that electing judges works so well in other countries. Judges would essentially be politicians, and it's hard to believe that woukd be good. I do, however, think judges should have very limited tenure. For too long criminal cases in the Yukon have been decided by predictable old men who should have retired years ago. Do they really need the money so badly that they are still sitting on the bench long after normal folks would have retired? Are their egos so large that they can't step away?

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Hur dur on Dec 27, 2020 at 4:09 pm

This isn't a left or right issue, this is a why aren't we electing our judges issue. It would appear that repeat offenders are simply a result of judges with no accountability who are just absolutely terrible at their job.
You now have people on this soapbox advocating violence. That's a direct result of poor parenting and also a justice system that has checked out and lost public faith.
Now the head-scratcher is what's sadder? The advocacy of gun violence while minimizing personal responsibility (guns in house crowd) or people thinking that's a totally normal idea that regular people have?

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Nathan Living on Dec 27, 2020 at 3:51 pm

Tough childhoods, lenient court and back on the street soon.

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Josey Wales on Dec 26, 2020 at 5:19 pm

Hey Moe...you just delivered a Flaming Moe.
Hence the need for Castle Laws, soon open carry pistols of ones choosing.
I wonder if those two convicted murdering P'sOS, are still at culture camp or free?
Been a few years, cannot oppress murdering P'sOS by keeping them from their lives can we?
Oh yeah...funny this...same RED team wanting all to CEASE living for fear of dying?
Is...Same team that hugs thugs, adores the cultural elitist thugs via legislation...releases too many that go on to kill etc.
Same team that is ramming bill C7 through making it easier for 3rd party Grim Reaper authority.
geez.. YUP same team red that made it completely legal to terminate a child post term birth ( EFFIN FACT)
Same team that supports cutting off your junk, for some aftermarket add on...will not let adults use their own discretion for safety?
Yeah that squares, NOT!

In summary, faith in team Red will get someone dead.
And these team Red idiots are currently destroying many many folks in their power grab/plandemic response.

Near forgot...good job coppers!

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Juniper Jackson on Dec 26, 2020 at 2:45 am

I think the RCMP are out there doing their job most of the time. Perhaps, from time to time, they are over zealous.. big whoop..I'm not there, I don't know what's going on. Generally speaking, I think Breda Lucki is an awful example of leadership. She stood up at a press conference and said the RCMP were not going to enforce the law..and they didn't.

So between poor leadership and lax courts, the Yukon is a mecca to drug dealers, break and enters, car shoppers.. all kinds of petty, and then not so petty crimes. 4 years for murder. The street cops that are front line protection for us are 10 times the cop that Lucki will ever be. At least when they have to arrest this guy for the 4th time, they know what he looks like!

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Mandatory Minimums anyone? on Dec 25, 2020 at 2:29 pm

One of the first things Trudeau did when he took office is repeal the mandatory minimums for unlawful firearms possession. From the article: "located and seized a .32-calibre handgun".
FYI .32 and .25 caliber handgun were prohibited back in 1995 along with any handguns with barrel length of under 106mm. You needed to own one prior to the ban and a 12-6 concession on your PAL to own one. I'd wager that the fellow does not have that and the gun is most likely smuggled from the USA.
Which brings us to my next point, if Trudeau was not in power or did not repeal the law, this guy would be heading to a federal penitentiary, not WCC. Instead it will be business as usual and perhaps a few months in lock up and a year probation.

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moe on Dec 25, 2020 at 11:32 am

They are lucky they didn't try their sh*t at the wrong (or maybe 'right') residence. Someday they will run into someone who doesn't take the time to call the police first. You have to take these duo's seriously. Look at the two winners who murdered Gord Siebold. Someone shows up at your house with an axe, gun or baseball bat? Take it seriously. This is a very serious offense and these people are completely out of control.

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Crunch on Dec 24, 2020 at 6:09 pm

Yes quite the Yukon we are creating here. The liberal tolerant society that pappy talked about and juniors following in line. Difficult to watch this with the gov money pouring in to support it. Merry Christmas to all that are responsible.

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JC on Dec 24, 2020 at 4:14 pm

Wow! All those charges. And I'm sure their lawyer will get it all down to something like "resisting a police officer". 6 months with time served.

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