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Potential Tank Farm lots take another step

A bylaw to allow for the development of 13 light industrial and commercial lots on the southwest corner of the Tank Farm was given second reading by city council Monday night.

By Chuck Tobin on September 16, 2020

A bylaw to allow for the development of 13 light industrial and commercial lots on the southwest corner of the Tank Farm was given second reading by city council Monday night.

Third and final reading is scheduled to come forward Nov. 9.

The application for the required amendment to the Official Community Plan is being made by Sidhu Trucking, the owner of the Tank Farm.

Sidhu wants to change the designation of 7.3 hectares from future residential development to a mix of industrial and commercial so he can bring 13 lots to the market.

The parcels would be situated next to the light industrial and commercial lots on Wasson Place, which runs off Burns Road.

The application has draw significant opposition from residents in both the Hillcrest and Valleyview subdivisions.

But it also has substantial support, as evidenced by a petition organized by the company that contains 450 signatures, many of them also from Hillcrest.

Creating the lots would require the relocation of 750,000 cubic metres of gravel to another area on the 56-hectare Tank Farm.

A second public hearing into the proposal was held on Aug. 10, with submissions split between opposition and support.

It’s been noted by members of council that the city is in a deficit when it comes to providing new industrial and commercial lots.

Sidhu Trucking purchased the Tank Farm in 2011. The company has conducted substantial remediation of the property to address fossil fuel contamination.

The 7.3-hectare parcel Sidhu wants to develop has been deemed acceptable for development by the Yukon government, which has issued what is known as a certificate of compliance.

The company has applied for a certificate for the remainder of the Tank Farm, but the matter is still under review by the Yukon government.

Many residents of Hillcrest and Valleyview argue the 7.3 hectares should remain designated as future residential development, as was originally intended.

They’ve expressed concern that allowing the project to go forward would be akin to allowing the company to conduct quarry operations on the site.

But the city has insisted that many conditions be attached to the proposed development.

None of the 750,000 cubic metres, for instance, would be allowed to leave the Tank Farm, and there would be crushing of material of other related quarry activity allowed.

It’s expected the 750,000 cubic metres – or a portion of it – would be used to prepare the rest of the Tank Farm for residential development.

City council was assured again at is meeting Monday the city has the ability to attach tight conditions to the project proposal.

“If council agrees that commercial/industrial type uses are acceptable in the designated portion of the Tank Farm site, the details of how this is achieved could be implemented through a Zoning Bylaw amendment, as well as a development agreement registered through subdivision approval,” reads the administrative report present to council Monday night.

Meanwhile, the Tank Farm was put up for sale in July for $28 million.

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Up 26 Down 9

you forgot to mention land claims on Sep 17, 2020 at 11:17 pm

Richard, in your rant about city wages and paved roads and operation management and noise etc.

You forgot to mention land claims and black lives matter.
To spew that much, and forget those important things is a tragedy.
Oh and trump and Russia and 911.

Up 25 Down 2

Sidhu Trucking was just in my neighborhood on Sep 17, 2020 at 4:56 pm

They were in Riverdale building the new track and field track. No complaints at all.

Up 32 Down 3

This is "The Yukon" on Sep 17, 2020 at 4:27 pm

You just proved you're a transplant. Let locals make a living and a better place for locals. These locals plus others in the construction industry pump millions into the economy. Frankly, I'd like a lot where i don't have to move thousands of tons of gravel to fill in a sand pit. Also because there should be less prep required than other areas in town, these lots should be cheaper. That's the hope!

Up 39 Down 3

My Opinion on Sep 17, 2020 at 4:02 pm

I am so sick of listening to these whiners. They tried to stop Northerm from fencing their own property because they had been walking through it for years.
The proposed commercial lots are on the lower level of the development connected to the Burns Road area and is about 40 feet lower. This would not be good for Residential development.
City of Whitehorse quit pandering to these chronic complainers.

Up 34 Down 3

bitter much on Sep 17, 2020 at 3:59 pm

Jeez Richard! There are more than a few Hillcresters/Valleyviews on board for this project. The petition echoes that. *get off my lawn!!"

Up 40 Down 2

My Opinion on Sep 17, 2020 at 3:55 pm

Hillcrest is completely falling into disrepair. People of Hillcrest were to receive a needed upgrade to their underground infrastructure that is in dire need as it was installed by the U.S. military based on a 10 year life expectancy. But no they didn't want to pay. Every area in Whitehorse has to pay Local improvement costs but apparently Hillcrest believes they are above that. They voted it down.

Now Hillcrest chronically complains about the condition of their pavement, sidewalks, roads that are too narrow.
However they want millions spent on bike paths. Highway crossings, and traffic lights.
I think it is very special that the Hillcrest community has a problem with Sidhu equipment but lobbied hard for the construction that is going on on the Highway in front of them. Conflicted or what?

The environmentalists in Hillcrest wanted and received 11 lanes of pavement and two paved bike lanes for a total of 13, all in the name of Safety of course. Yep that makes perfect sense. Don't hear them complaining about that noise or dust or how it is affecting local businesses.

Up 38 Down 4

My Opinion on Sep 17, 2020 at 3:40 pm

I am completely sick of hearing the crying and complaining of a few radical residents of Hillcrest. Get over it. You do not have control over other peoples lands and developments. Grow up.

Up 44 Down 2

poor track record? on Sep 17, 2020 at 3:37 pm

I live in Hillcrest and have experienced none of that. You're right this isn't California, leaving ground contaminated to seep into fresh water supplies isn't desirable. I'm glad the cleanup occurred. Also, I am unaware of any gravel roads in the area. Sidhu Trucking paid for their own entrance and exit via Hamilton Boulevard. I know because I was involved in the planning. They are one of the few companies in the Yukon that are doing this work with their own funding.

Up 16 Down 33

Whitehorse Richard on Sep 17, 2020 at 10:55 am

Vexed is a good description of many Hillcrest and Valleyview homeowners regarding this proposed rezoning at the Tank Farm. This summer is the first summer in many years where we actually were able to enjoy being outside without the noise and dust pollution coming from the tank farm. In past summers Sidhu Trucking would be operating into the late evenings, and the noise forced many people inside.

Sidhu Trucking has a long history of violating their Tank Farm operational permits, and operating in the Tank Farm without permits. They have destroyed our paved roads as they haul gravel and dirt loads exceeding the road’s weight limits to their other projects throughout Whitehorse. Essentially any good will Sidhu Trucking may have had with his Tank Farm neighbours has long since been destroyed by their poor operational leadership.

The COW has a long history of being inept at getting Sidhu Trucking to abide by the COW ordinances and permits at the Tank Farm. Poor governance is an understatement in describing COW and our elected City politicians. It’s a spit in the face of citizens that COW wants pay raises for City management.

It was not long ago that many of our newly elected COW politicians were seriously considering a permanent rock quarry in between Hillcrest and Valleyview. The voters almost completely cleaned house last City election with the previous politicians who were turning the city into a Hell Hole. If it were not for split vote on mayor, 56% of voters voted against our current mayor, we would probably not be having these existing issues with lack of land today.

I am confident if this was the mayor’s community, Riverdale, having Sidhu Trucking industrial re-zoning in their existing green space, the proposal would have been killed in the first reading. To our elected politicians, we are watching you closely on this current proposal, which effects three communities, and many businesses negatively. With Sidhu Trucking’s poor track record at the Tank Farm, voting yes for the re-zoning is an indication that you should not be our political leaders at any level of governance in Canada.

This is not California and New York, this is Yukon, your mission should not be to make our lives worse.

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