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One last time: don’t let the bastards grind you down

Someone recently asked me what I would miss most once the business closed down, and I couldn’t answer.

By Whitehorse Star on May 17, 2024

Someone recently asked me what I would miss most once the business closed down, and I couldn’t answer.

There are several things, things I’m sure I won’t even know about for months to come.

I started working at the Star as an ad rep in 1989.

My roles evolved over the years, from ad rep to advertising manager in 2000 and gradually taking on more responsibilities.

Over time, I became the go-to troubleshooter, putting out the fires and keeping the peace (or trying to) so operations could run smoothly — or at least with fewer hiccups.

It will be overcoming those unexpected obstacles that make you think outside the box that will be missed.

I’ll miss the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day when everything that could go wrong definitely did go wrong, but somehow everything and everyone came together and all I can hear is the rhythm of the press running beneath my feet.

We did it, we made deadline, and the paper is out. I’ll miss helping people.

Whether that meant helping a regular client with their weekly advertising, or helping someone place an obituary.

Seeing someone’s demeanour change when they realize that we actually want to do a good job for them is very fulfilling.

I’ve met hundreds of people over the years and built trust and rapport that has turned business relationships into lasting friendships.

One of my most cherished memories and biggest accomplishments was being a part of a very dedicated team publishing the 100th Anniversary Special Editions in the summer and all of 2000. There were three issues (July, August and October) totalling 352 pages of Yukon history.

I feel quite fortunate to have been able to work closely alongside my mom, Jackie Pierce, during this time.

Everyone was in on it, above and beyond putting out a daily paper, somehow we managed this behemoth of a job that came with long hours, a bit of delirium, and great stories to tell.

It was about 2:00 one morning when production manager Dianne Villesèche and I were working late on proofing and design when we heard an awful racket outside.

We had a front-row seat watching a group of young men stagger down the middle of Second Avenue singing at the top of their lungs, then deciding what a great idea it would be to climb up onto the battling moose (atop what is now Woodcutter’s Blanket) for a photo.

They were pretty proud of themselves, no one got hurt, nothing was damaged, just good clean fun and some welcomed entertainment for us.

More than half of my life has been spent at the Whitehorse Star; it’s been a second home to me, and after 35 years I now think about sitting at a different desk.

I haven’t a clue where that will be, but I’m sure something meaningful will find me.

Over the past several months, I think every emotion has been rollercoastering through me but I know we will all be fine, eventually.

In the meantime, I will try to remember: don’t sweat the small stuff, take the high road, and of course: don’t let the bastards grind you down – illegitimus non carborundum.

Star co-owner

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Groucho d'North on May 23, 2024 at 10:03 am

Mr. Norris' comments below are much more profound than many realize. The shuttering of the Whitehorse Star is removing a forum for the public to comment on the events of the day. At a time when governments are amending (restricting) communications within our society with legislation like M-103, C-11, C-36 and similar policies, Canadians are being silenced in their public criticisms of how we are governed.
My utmost respect for Jackie Pierce, Jim Butler and the staff and management of the Star for having the courage and fortitude to provide Yukoners with an opportunity to speak their minds for so long. You will be missed.
I thank you and wish you well in your future ventures whatever they may be.

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Mike Grieco on May 20, 2024 at 9:08 pm

Bravo! And journey-on ;)

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Fred Norris on May 18, 2024 at 9:15 am

The forum you all provided here was the last of its kind. This will be missed the most. Thanks again, and all the best, everyone

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