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SNOW LOAD A FACTOR – Part of the damaged roof of the Riverdale Super A Foods building off Lewes Boulevard is seen on Easter Sunday. No one was injured from the Good Friday roof collapse.

No one hurt after roof collapses

A large section of roof on the Riverdale Super A Foods building collapsed last Friday afternoon, forcing the closure of the store.

By Chuck Tobin on April 7, 2021

A large section of roof on the Riverdale Super A Foods building collapsed last Friday afternoon, forcing the closure of the store.

Super A owner Scott McCarthy told the Star Tuesday there were no injuries, as those inside had vacated the store at 9 a.m., when they started hearing creaking and banging coming from the roof, with some sagging visible.

“That was enough for us to get everybody out of the building,” he said. “That is the important thing; nobody got hurt.”

While he’s hoping to reopen the gas bar later this week, McCarthy said, it’s difficult at this point to say how long repairs to the roof will take, or how much they’ll cost.

A section measuring approximately 2,500 and 3,000 square feet came down over the bakery area, he said, adding the store has an overall area of 15,000 square feet.

McCarthy said experts who have assessed the situation believe the snow load on the roof was a contributing factor to the collapse.

“I have lived here my whole life and I have never seen snow like this,” he said.

He noted that after the large snowfall in early November 2020, it got warm and then rained. It would snow again, then get warm again, he said, suggesting the compaction may have also been a factor.

McCarthy said they have not been able to conduct an inventory of food that was lost but he expects to lose some perishable items.

The Porter Creek Super A and Bigway Foods in Granger have been quite helpful in taking some foods off of McCarthy’s hands so they don’t have too much spoilage, he noted.

He said he’s also had an outpouring of support from many individuals.

The store owner said he employs 25 people, so he’s also trying to take care of them.

The professionals working inside now are safe, and they’re making sure everybody is safe, he said.

McCarthy said the only people who are going to be in the store are the professionals.

The building is insured, he said.

McCarthy believes the Riverdale Super A was built in or around 1986.

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Of course it is... Liberals ruin everything! on Apr 8, 2021 at 9:19 pm

Why do experts resort to “belief”? Were they reading tealeaves or chicken bones? Sounds pretty Liberalish to me... Budgets balance themselves and the antigravity spell holding the roof structure wore off... Oh yes, and every persons favourite, you live in a free society... Except when Covid happens... Then the medical nazis are in charge...

Up 3 Down 9

Josey Wales on Apr 8, 2021 at 1:15 pm

Hey there is a risk of "danger" with snow loads on buildings...?
Is Premier Hanley & our former civic blowhole gonna "order" all snow removed off all buildings?
If we can save one fragile non thinking human from a TBI, getting crushed...can we not "all together" like do "our part"?

Winter is near done subjects, "two more weeks" to flattened the drifts?
...maybe another "two weeks" to flatten the drifts?
"hang it there" subjects..."we are almost through this"...spring "...is lurking around each corner"

Speaking of collapsing (not the complete bulls*it Kung Flu narrative...well propagated by the state broadcaster) but rather the time team SS has before they are met at the gates of freedom that SHOULD open after the "alleged secure" election.

Should use this roof as a great meme for team SS & the YLP... Yukon Lying Propagandists, and their political future.

Up 8 Down 0

Iris Merritt on Apr 8, 2021 at 1:12 pm

Glad to hear no one was injured! Look forward to having the store open again when it’s safe to do so.
Riverdale Super A has always been a strong supporter of Riverdale events, sports teams, schools etc. I always remember that when deciding where to shop. Look forward to shopping there again!

Up 11 Down 2

jack on Apr 7, 2021 at 8:36 pm

Everyone knows that large accumulations of snow on the roof is not good.......

Up 15 Down 2

Shoveler Dude on Apr 7, 2021 at 5:30 pm

Back in the day I used to shovel businesses roofs off as a side job in the winter but you don’t see it being done to much anymore. I imagine OH&S probably wants you to have fall arrest gear now just for shovelling commercial building roofs off.

Up 37 Down 18

SH on Apr 7, 2021 at 3:28 pm

And that, my friends, is why we have insurance.

On another note, "McCarthy said experts who have assessed the situation believe the snow load on the roof was a contributing factor to the collapse." Pretty sure it doesn't take an expert to figure that one out ".

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