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PARTY LEADER ACCLAIMED – Members of the Klondike Liberal Association are seen Sunday, with party leader Sandy Silver fourth from the left.

Liberal leader confirmed as Klondike candidate

Klondike Liberals are very happy with their MLA, and wasted no time confirming Liberal Leader Sandy Silver for the coming territorial election.

By Dan Davidson on May 24, 2016

DAWSON CITY – Klondike Liberals are very happy with their MLA, and wasted no time confirming Liberal Leader Sandy Silver for the coming territorial election.

The meeting was held Sunday evening at Dawson’s Yukon College campus, and attracted seven members of the local group.

Mark Wickham chaired the meeting, at which the only formal business was the confirmation of Silver’s continuing candidacy. That took one minute and 15 seconds, after which Silver spoke briefly.

“What a long five years it’s been since the last nomination meeting,” he said.

At that time, he was just the Klondike candidate and eventually one of two Liberal voices in the legislature.

Since then, the party has lost one member, Darius Elias, to the Yukon Party, and Silver has become a very busy Liberal leader.

Silver sees the local group as not being particularly partisan in its politics, something which he feels helped to get him elected.

He has been striving to hit the middle of the political spectrum in his candidate recruiting so far, with people from both left and right of centre signing on.

The lacklustre federal leadership of the day didn’t help the Liberals much then, and the local group went with the idea that “we were going to represent the Klondike in Whitehorse, and campaign on that.

“I think it really resonated from door-to-door.”

Silver won that contest handily, but admits that he and his party were a bit naïve about what they could hope to accomplish.

Familiar with the frustrations of dealing with government as a teacher, Silver was to learn that the same kinds of frustrations were to be found in all government departments.

Building policy into a coherent and communicable party platform is something he’s been enjoying.

Seeing broad philosophical notions rendered down to bite-sized pieces is great when the pieces fit well with the original ideas, he said.

Silver spoke at some length about the need to reduce the role of partisan politics and political interference in the way government runs.

From his point of view, it infects every level of the current Yukon Party government.

He’s a little more vague about what non-partisan governance would look like, but does talk about non-whipped votes on non-budgetary issues and the importance of having members vote for their constituencies ahead of voting for their parties.

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us this summer, and I’m thrilled to death with the level of the volunteers,” Silver said.

“Starting with five people five years ago, right now the Liberal Party has over 100 active volunteers working right now. It’s unbelievable the content that we’re getting.”

Aside from news media questions, there was mostly appreciation being expressed by the membership and the meeting broke up after about 30 minutes.

So far, there has been no word on Klondike candidates from the Yukon Party nor the NDP.

Comments (7)

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Josey Wales on May 26, 2016 at 12:42 pm

BnR, does it now? He may be a "supporter" but his team hates working class folks and has "admiration" for China and its dictatorship". Quote from the head Justine.
You BnR have your opinion I have mine, vote the Liberal in and see how that goes then.
Sorry about the redundancy folks, not my opinions.

Up 8 Down 6

BnR on May 26, 2016 at 7:32 am

Josey, your comment rings hollow given that one of the current liberal candidates son had his YESAB placer application denied while under your beloved Yukon Party's watch. Truth is hard to accept, so make up your own eh?

Up 7 Down 4

Josey Wales on May 26, 2016 at 6:57 am

Hello FP...I know what it is you speak of. That said the Star has greatly improved their "edits" of my posts. There is certainly room for improvements as with most things, like MY grammar and levels of empathy. I fret less about it though as this medium is but one I use, I prefer person to person exchanges.
I do wonder with my fan base of absolute Josey haters might have said to reply to my many tidbits of current events though.

I actually witnessed some responsible journalism on mainstream Canadian news the other day, so different from the regular indoctrination we usually get...that it really stood out.
My point is that there could be some hope for the Star and its moderating of opinions/dissent.
This post is a acknowledgement of said efforts, as one "should be" consistent whilst standing on "the" soapbox.

Up 9 Down 4

Francis Pillman on May 25, 2016 at 2:11 pm

Enjoying all the censorship of the comments.

Up 11 Down 17

ProScience Greenie on May 25, 2016 at 12:09 pm

The Yukon Libs look good in theory but too many CoW councillors on the team and having the Libs in power in Ottawa means they will be calling the shots in the Yukon. We don't need that at all.

Anyways, anything but the NDP and the Yukon will survive.

Up 11 Down 21

Josey Wales on May 25, 2016 at 7:34 am

Snake oil dealer and its seven minions, awesome!
If the Klondike votes in that team, the only mining going on will be what Liberals do best. Mine humans, sluicing out every dollar they can outta your pockets - creating a debt level that needs far more maintenance than any tailing pond I know. Does nobody see everywhere the damage these LPC have done?

Good luck Klondike, as you get more socially engineered it will be harder to shake the cloak of liberal stupidity. Redundant I know
very very much by design too, yup Justin the fortunate son's Daddy....the architect of entitlement.

Up 20 Down 5

Harry Flieck on May 25, 2016 at 12:38 am

Sandy seems to be a real good leader with lots of integrity. For example: I didn't know who the Liberal candidate was for my riding so I called his number and left a message because I couldn't find a listing for Liberal headquarters. (Turns out all I had to do was look in the blue pages. Now gray in the new directory). Anyways, Sandy took the time from his more than busy schedule to call me back and inform me that indeed Jeane Lassen was my Liberal candidate for Kopper King/Takhini. I really thought this was something as he was quite friendly on the phone steering me in the right direction even though he had 100 things to do.

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