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Leak sees Games Centre evacuated

The Canada Games Centre was evacuated Wednesday afternoon because of an ammonia leak from one of the ice plants.

By Whitehorse Star on August 11, 2022

The Canada Games Centre was evacuated Wednesday afternoon because of an ammonia leak from one of the ice plants.

Oshea Jephson, the city’s manager of communications, said this morning the leak occurred at 2:53 p.m.

It triggered an alarm that automatically went to the Whitehorse Fire Department.

Staff activated the evacuation procedures and ushered occupants to a safe staging area – including youth who were attending summer camps, Jephson said.

He said the young people were taken to a safe space where their parents could pick them up.

Camp workers had the necessary contact information for parents, he addd.

Jephson said firefighters identified a small leak in the ice plant and made repairs.

The centre reopened this morning with regular operating hours.

Game centre staff, said Jephson, regularly practise for these types of emergencies.

He said they did a very good job of implementing the evacuation procedures.

Jephson did not have an estimate of how many people were removed from the building.

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Josey Wales on Aug 12, 2022 at 11:42 pm

Umm...MITCH, allow me to fess up to a winter thing I do.
Besides cleaning trails of wood that the snow fell heavily on said tree to bust it, launching frozen dog shit far into the bush with a shovel (all of it not just my pooches...they are both dead) misc. garbage and clearing the snow off ALL the benches of memoriam on the millennium trail.
I do another odd thing MITCH, I whizz clearly circular happy faces with legitimate eyes and a big smile...to add some random joy to the trail.

In short MITCH, Josey is a dude...yet to meet a lady that can whizz happy faces in frozen precipitation.
Offering clarity only, no offence taken...zip...nadda bit.
Please MITCH, carry on. We all have a seat at this fine table set for us all so graciously by our beloved Whitehorse Star.
**not suckholing just a dang fact!

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MITCH on Aug 12, 2022 at 4:11 pm

Damn rights Josey, say it like a proper northern lady! Will we store a spare games center at Mount MAC for future climate emergencies?

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Josey Wales on Aug 12, 2022 at 8:10 am

Leaks as that are very dangerous.
That said the CoW should’ve kept it closed for at least six weeks, flown in a team of experts in non destructive testing and test each square centimetre of piping and corresponding joints.
Much like gravity, leaks do happen...dun...dun...DUN folks “could” die!

Not very consistent on the civic fear-O-meter or ridiculous overreaction we come to expect from the wizards that ruin, I mean run this sty.
Shoulda been closed till Christmas for a deep deep dive in the interests of pubic safety, maybe even vacate all parts of town downwind of the prevailing, maybe a giant vapour proof burn or dome over the whole complex...ya know...in case...safety remember!
Much like an opinion from a non leftist, which we are not to ever experience I thought the civic wizards were safety obsessed with danger but yet...
gas leaks...deadly gas...heaps of historic trauma around gas and danger of stupidity?
So flippant they are with the biggest alleged fear in our lifetime...danger!
Oh speaking of danger...who is the genius in charge of two mile hill project?
Kinda off topic...why CoW wizards and minions of, do you seem to hate the citizens of Whitehorse?
What did our once lovely wee town EVER do to your alleged soul that makes you hate us so so much, which the adversarial relationship clearly illustrates?

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