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BACK IN THE SADDLE – Socially distanced members of city council and city officials are seen Tuesday evening. It was the first council meeting held after members’ annual three-week summer break.

Council set to decide on local content issue

City council is being asked to set how much weight should be given to local content on two requests for proposals administration is planning to release.

By Chuck Tobin on September 9, 2020

City council is being asked to set how much weight should be given to local content on two requests for proposals administration is planning to release.

Administration is recommending no weight for local content be set for the review of fire services in the city as the work is specialized and will require expertise from down south.

On the other hand, administration is recommending the weight for local content should be set at 15 points for the review aimed at modernizing the technology of parking meters, as local knowledge will be a benefit.

Council passed a bylaw in June assigning itself the responsibility of setting the weight to be given local content in professional service contracts.

Submissions for professional contract work are assessed on a number of key items, such as past relevant experience and methodology.

Companies scoring 80 per cent on the key elements move on to stage two of the evaluation which looks at local content and fees.

For the fire services review, the field of work is specialized, says the administrative report presented to council at its meeting Tuesday.

“Appropriate consultants are highly experienced in the fire and rescue industry with a significant background in business administration, department management, risk management and fire department operations,” says the report.

“They also have access to technology to quantifiably illustrate response time/area gaps in accordance with established and accepted standards.”

The report also notes that it would be difficult to find a local firm which is not somehow connected to fire services in the city.

“It is important to have an external provider perform this review from an unbiased and non-influenced perspective,” says the report.

Administration is recommending the local content for the parking meter review be set at 15 points out of a maximum 20.

The intent of the review is to look at parking meter technologies in use in various cities across Canada, the report says.

“It is believed that this research and analysis could be conducted from Whitehorse,” it says.

“Local consultants have previously conducted parking and traffic-related studies. This weighting, at the higher end of the 1-20 range, has been selected to reflect the desire to reward partnerships with local firms who have knowledge of our City and the intricacies of our downtown parking.”

Council will vote next Monday on the administrative recommendations regarding how much weight should be given to local content in the two requests for proposals.

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stephen on Sep 11, 2020 at 11:10 am

Wow now I have seen it all. I have worked in public sector SCM (Supply Chain Management) for 15 years of my 24 years and NEVER have I seen city council sticking their noses into sourcing events like this. They should not be getting involved in this as they have more important things to be worried about, but I guess they don't understand their roles. I also think those people working in SCM in government don't understand their jobs or have the skill set.

As to including points for locals in evaluation criteria, that's a good thing as it makes outside firms work with locals and can help develop more skilled companies in the Yukon. This is a no brainer in SCM. It's not rocket science that needs a whole bunch of people who have no clue about SCM putting in their two cents. I get council may have no confidence in the SCM group as a whole, but just get rid of SCM management and bring in SCM managers who have that knowledge to get people on track.

This council have no clue what they are doing now. Are they going to start running RFPs and evaluation and writing award memos, etc? I thought that is why people are hired to do that? What a waste of tax payer money.

Up 13 Down 0

Evaluate this on Sep 11, 2020 at 5:48 am

Go ahead and up parking meter fines and choke traffic with no left turns, excessive speed restrictions, empty buses plugging up one of two lanes (I think that's 50%) to where there is no parking anyhow. My solution is Amazon.com where price, selection and delivery are all very consumer friendly. That $10 you got off me has been redeemed many times over. Your short term vision will cost lots for some over the long haul.

Up 23 Down 3

Resident on Sep 9, 2020 at 3:38 pm

Next, they need to move this policy to services and manufacturing. It's at the point where locals don't want to bid on nationally posted jobs because they're wasting time and money preparing quotes for jobs they won't win. There's nothing like YTG's Business Incentive Program or giving the job to the local guy if he's within a percentage of lowest bidder.

Up 26 Down 12

Wilf Carter on Sep 9, 2020 at 3:13 pm

First thing, there is very few on council who can evaluate this type of action. How do people with no skills make decisions of this type?

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