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NEW LOOK IN CHAMBERS – Acting deputy Mayor Dan Boyd (at curved city council table) was the only member of council to attend Monday evening’s meeting. Others participated by telephone, and city officials who attended in person spaced themselves out, as seen above.

Citizens’, visitors’ health trumps everything: mayor

Mayor Dan Curtis provided words of encouragement to open up Monday night’s city council meeting conducted largely by phone.

By Chuck Tobin on March 24, 2020

Mayor Dan Curtis provided words of encouragement to open up Monday night’s city council meeting conducted largely by phone.

“I want to ensure you the health of our citizens and visitors is our top priority,” Curtis said by phone from his home.

The council chambers were closed to the public, with the exception of a small number of reporters.

Acting deputy Mayor Dan Boyd was the only elected member of council present, with all others participating by phone.

There was a handful of senior city staff but measures were taken to ensure there were no more than 10 people in the council chambers at one time.

Staff who were scheduled to make a presentation waited in another room until it was their turn to present.

The city has suspending drop-in and front counter service.

“City services remain operational, and we are encouraging citizens and visitors to do as much of their city business online or by phone, when possible,” says Monday’s announcement.

“When that’s not possible, we’re asking that you make an appointment. Check the City’s website at www.whitehorse.ca for relevant department contact information.”

While parks, playgrounds and trails remain open, the city is asking residents to maintain physical distancing.

The mayor encouraged Whitehorse citizens to continue following the advice of Dr. Brendan Hanley, the Yukon’s chief medical officer of health.

“Know that your city leadership is meeting on a daily basis and actively put the safety of our community on a high priority,” Curtis said.

“During this time, remember our business community is suffering as well.

“Together, we will get through this,” the mayor said in his opening comments.

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Alan on Mar 27, 2020 at 10:48 pm

CBC news: Physical distancing has halved rate of COVID-19 in BC., official modelling suggests. This is why a billion people in India have been told to stay home for 21 days. This is why drones flying over Chinese streets seeing any one walking around would broadcast a message telling them to go home. This is why the PM is getting more adamant about telling people to stay home and threatening to enforce social distancing. Tim Horton's in BC have had their licence revoked for not following the guidelines laid out by the BC govt.

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Anie on Mar 25, 2020 at 3:33 pm

JX 'why don't they wear masks?" Because the effective masks are in short supply and (quite properly) reserved for people who need them. The virus is spread by water droplets that are expelled to air and then land on something. People pick up the virus by touching something and then touching their face, and the virus enters their system through mouth, nose, eyes. Rarely it enters directly when some one sneezes into your face. But when that happens, a piece of cloth or paper over your mouth and nose will be of no use, because water travels through both. Even worse, that mask on your face is not normal, so odds are you will fiddle with it and possibly introduce the virus from your hands to your face

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JC on Mar 25, 2020 at 9:55 am

"health trumps everything". Bravo for Donald Trump!

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What Is The End Goal Here? on Mar 24, 2020 at 5:50 pm

I would like to ask what the end goal is here, are we just trying to buy time until a vaccine is found or what? All social distance accomplishes is to hopefully hide ourselves from the virus. Sooner or later at some point we will all have to resume a somewhat normal life. So what is the world going to do from now on, never have another airplane fly between cities or countries? Keep international borders closed indefinitely and restrict travel between internal jurisdictions? Is the hope that we all stay away from each other for 18 -24 months or so until someone hopefully develops a vaccine? How do all the business owners who may be bankrupt before then feel about it? How do all their employees who won’t have jobs to return to feel about that strategy?
Big picture does it matter if any jurisdiction eliminates its virus cases as without a vaccine someone with the virus is going to come from somewhere else and resume the local spread all over again. Wuhan, China is supposedly recovering from the virus due to the complete lockdown imposed there. What is Wuhans next step now to be to prevent reoccurrence, keep the city closed to all outsiders? The first person from outside the city to enter with the virus will start the process all over again. I ask again - what is the end game we are trying to accomplish here because in the big picture social distancing appears to be a band aid approach that is not a solution.

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JC on Mar 24, 2020 at 4:18 pm

Why don't they wear face masks? Even a ski mask would do. Wear a warm jacket and turn the heat down for comfort. Business as usual.

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