Whitehorse Daily Star


  • Whitehorse AA meetings Are held daily at different locations. Call 668-5878 for a meeting schedule.
  • Whitehorse Food Bank 306 Alexander Street Hours for food pick-up, Tuesday 10-1 and 3:30-5pm, Thursday: 10-1 and 3:30-6:30. Call 393-2265 or email office@whitehorsefoodbank.ca
  • The Alzheimer Dementia Family Caregiver Support Group Meets Monthly. A group for family and friends caring for someone with dementia. Call Joanne at 668-7712 for info.
  • Leap of Faith, Art exhibition at Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery, March 4th to 27th. Reception, March 4th, 5-8pm at 4129-4th Ave.
  • Porter Creek Community Association meeting Monday, June 6th, 5:15 pm, Guild Hall. All Welcome. Info 633-4829.
  • AGM Hidden Histories Society Yukon Thurs. June 2nd, 7:15pm at Whitehorse Public Library meeting room. Speakers Rick Karp & Brent Slobodin Yukon Jewish history exhibits. 667-4563.
  • AFTER 19 YEARS of service, Kumon Math and Reading Centre will close Monday, May 30th. Former students, parents, welcome to drop in from 3-7pm.
  • AGM Yukon Invasive Species Council On June 2nd, 5-7pm at Yukon Gardens, Hamilton Blvd intersection. info@yukoninvasives.com
  • The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens, Baha'u'llah Fireside conversations for betterment of humanity Sunday evenings 7-9pm. Call 335-4446.
  • Condo Regulations Public info session June 1st, 5:30-7pm at Whitehorse Public Library. Learn about next steps and ways to participate.
  • JACK HULLAND SCHOOL Council’s regular council meeting is Wednesday, June 1st at 7pm, in the school library. Everyone is welcome to attend.