Whitehorse Daily Star

March 31, 2015


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

IN SISTERHOOD – Nicole Bauberger, left, and Nelly Guidici work Saturday on one of the banners at the Walking With Our Sisters Sewing Circle. The banners are a project for the people which started 20 years ago as a teaching venture. The two banners will be incorporated into the Walking With Our Sisters art piece.


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

A FRIENDLY INTERRUPTION – Led by Sean Smith (far right), drummers from the Kwanlin Dun First Nation interrupted the parliamentary committee hearings on Bill S-6 taking place this morning at the Gold Rush Inn. The others in the photo are (left to right), Brian Smith (front), Anne Smith, Roger Ellis and Doronn Fox. After the chair called the meeting to order, Smith and drummers played their traditional Welcome Song.


Photo by Photo Submitted

ON THE PROWL – This lynx steals a look at the photographer recently in the Teslin area. The average weight of a full-grown Canada lynx (‘lynx (Canadensis’) is between eight and 14 kg. They resemble gigantic house cats, with long, round feet which act like snowshoes, distributing their weight to help keep them on top of the snow. Their sharp claws help them climb, fight predators and capture their main food source – the snowshoe hare. These cats are often seen along the Alaska Highway at this time of year, as their breeding season lasts only for a month, generally between March to May, depending upon the local climate. Photo by MINNIE CLARK


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

SPACE SETS THE PACE – Mallory Lipscomb, left, and Dallayce Smith are seen Wednesday evening on the spaceship set of ‘Pilot Episode,’ a music video being filmed at the Splintered Craft studio. The music for the video is from the local band Old Cabin’s song ‘Good Days Bad Days.’ The video will be released April 3 at a fund-raiser at Splintered Craft for the Teen Parent Centre, and proceeds will go to the creation of regalia for this year’s graduating students. Sarah Macdougall and Old Cabin will be playing at the event.


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

FLYING HIGH – Kyran Allen participates in the big air competition of the Yukon Freestyle Ski Championships last Sunday at Mount Sima.


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

BANISHING WINTER – The Graffiti-Yeti burns up during Saturday evening’s annual Burning Away the Winter Blues ceremony in Whitehorse. The Northern Lights School of Dance presented a short dance piece before the burning.