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Sports archive for February 20, 2014

Sport Yukon unveils Arctic Winter Games roster

A team comprised of nearly 250 athletes will represent the territory at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks March 15 to 22.

By Whitehorse Star on February 20, 2014 at 3:43 pm


Photo by Vince Fedoroff

REPRESENTING YUKON – Musher Louve Tweddell is one of nearly 250 athletes who will represent the territory at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks next month.

A team comprised of nearly 250 athletes will represent the territory at the Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks March 15 to 22.

The final roster has been announced by Sport Yukon. The Yukon finished second to Alaska in total ulus won at the 2012 Games in Whitehorse.

The following teams will represent the Yukon at the 2014 tournament:

Alpine skiing

Liam Diamond, Zackary Endress, Angus Endress, Abby Hawes, Charlie Hawes, Tayler Mitchell, Shane Orban, Samantha Richardson, Manas Sarin-Toews, Josie Storey, Katie Vowk. Coach: Yves Titley.

Arctic sports

Reena Coyne, Andrew Crist, Matthew Jacobson, Mikaiah Ladue, Mark McKinnon, Keona McLaughlin, Jade McLeod, Fayne O’Donovan, Robyn Poulter, Caitlyn Venasse. Coaches: Melissa Carlick, Colin Hickman.


Zach Heynen, Peter Jensen, Line Jensen, Emily Knickle, Mannie Sharma, Ritik Sharma, Nora Vincent-Braun. Coaches: Abbie Rotondi, Casey Parker.

Female basketball

Jetta Bilsky, Kennedy Cairns-Locke, Jayden Demchuk, Sarah Diment, Ebony Leamon, Dannica Nelson, Quynh Nguyen, Galena Roots, Jacy Sam, Michelle Tran. Coach: Nicole Schroeder.

Male basketball

Chris Carino, Nylan Duncan, Bryan Hermosa, Ryan Hindson, Pierre Lefebvre, Chris Nerysoo, Ian New, Cassel Scholz, R.J. Siosan, Josh Tobias. Coach: Tim Brady.

Ski biathlon

Liam Adel, Jake Draper, Micah Hildes, Nadia Moser, Maria Peters, Dana Sellars, Tristan Sparks, Pelly Vincent-Braun. Coaches: Jane Vincent, Dennis Peters.

Snowshoe biathlon

Clodagh Berg, Bruce Wilson, Chris Holmes, Tima Johnson, Marika Kitchen, Francis Reid, Daniel Sennett. Coaches: Laurie Jacobson, Dan Thomson.

Cross-country skiing

Leif Blake, Savannah Cash, Regan Fuerstner, Cambria Fuerstner, Adam Hynes, Dagmar Janzen, Hannah Jirousek, Michael Kishchuk, Mary Londero, Liam Mather, Zoe Painter, Solstice Sarin-Toews, Nichollis Schmidt, Andrew Seal, Amanda Thomson. Coaches: Nathalie Dugas, Veronique Theriault, Perry Hynes.


Kara-Lyn Fredrickson, Cassandra MacDonald, Kevin McLachlan, Nicole Murdoch, Alita Powell, Emile St. Pierre. Manager: Kathy Fredrickson.

Female curling

Bailey Horte, Kelly Mahoney, Kelsey Meger, Alyssa Meger. Coach: Rhonda Horte.

Male curling

Trygg Jensen, Brayden Klassen, Will Klassen, Joe Wallingham. Coach: Kevin Patterson.

Dene games

Madison Allen, Brittney Brown, Matthew Brown, Jonah Caesar, Alyssa Clooten, Justin Smith, Jessa Frost-Kluguie, Daniel Walker, Jasmine Johnson, Tyler O’Brien, Terrence O’Brien, Anthony Primozic, Natane Primozic, Sarina Primozic, Colbey Sharp, Kristen Smith. Coaches: Doronn Fox, Kara Lepine.

Dog mushing

Lori Tweddell, Louve Tweddell. Coaches: Julie Dessureault, Luc Tweddell.

Figure skating

Kayla Armstrong, Kelcy Armstrong, Meghan Birmingham, Landyn Blisner, Jenelle Clethero, Mikayla Kramer, Morgan Madden, Tessa Moore. Coaches: Michelle Gorczyca, Charlene Donald.


Anisa Albisser, Megan Banks, Sydney Cairns, Emily King. Coach: Catherine O’Donovan.

Junior female hockey

Natalja Blachard, Mikaila Blanchard, Tamara Greek, Shania Hogan, Sophie Janke, Monica Johnson, Mary McBride, Haley McConnell, Mykhaila McInroy, Christina McIntyre, Madeline Nicholson, Hannah Nordlund, Maya Oakley, Sierra Oakley, Ashtyn Sandulak, Chyanne Spenner, Abigail Turner. Coaches: Louis Bouchard, Candice MacEachen.

Male midget hockey

Craig Berube, Curtis Carlick, Kole Comin, Ryan Edwards, Wyatt Gale, Alex Hanson, Tyson Hope, Tomas Jirousek, Jordan King, Jarrett Malchow, Mark McGrath, Dylan McQuaig, Riley Pettitt, Josh Phelps-Vanbibber, Dustyn Phelps-Vanbibber, Brett Skookum, Liam Webster. Coaches: John Grant, Gary Seed.

Junior female soccer

Samantha Burgis, Camille Galloway, Jaylene Kelly, Rachel Kinvig, Carolyn Miller, Hannah Milner, Morgan Paul, Cheyenne Ryan, Samantha Wintemute. Coach: Charly Kelly.

Junior male soccer

Brendyn Gendron, Brendan Irish, Dominic Korn, Allen Mark, Jonathan Runions, Timber Schroff-Stinson. Andrew Scoffin, Kieran Stacey, Chris Torgerson. Coach: Arnold Hedstrom.

Juvenile female soccer

Thea Carey, Sandy Dubois, Malorie Hanson, Lara Herry-Saint Onge, Jamie Joe-Hudson, Christine Moser, Aimee Parker, Mikaela Ponsioen, Aleyxandra Smith. Coach: Jacob Hanson.

Juvenile male soccer

Skyler Bryant, Logan Harris, Justin Wishhart-MacDougall, Tyler Milton, Malcolm Muir, Frejean Pourier, Tristan Rentmeister, Callum Ryan, Mackenzie Shaw. Coach: Victor Lavanderos.


Robert Faulds, Haylie Grant, Rachel MacIntosh, Reanna Newsome, Tim Schrimer, Esa Suominen, Adam Waddington. Coach: Katrina Couch.


Aidan Bradley, Sara Burke-Forsyth, Ava Cairns-Locke, Angus Clarke, Alice Frost-Hanberg, Kieran Halliday, Kate Londero, Darby McIntyre. Coaches: Don White, Pauline Frost-Hanberg.


Shea Hoffman, Jacob McPherson, Caleb McPherson, Michael Ritchie, Micah Taggart-Cox, Hannah Wirth, Susanne Wirth. Coach: Phil Hoffman.

Table tennis

Abedullah Al-Rammahi, Hassan Al-Rammahi, Zainab Al-Rammahi, Alysha Gullison, Ashley Harris, Matthias Hoenisch, Grace-Anne Janssen, Arcel Siosan. Coach: Kevin Murphy.

Female volleyball

Avery Bramadat, Teah Dickson, Daria Jordan, Tatum Koser, Tayla McNally, Chanel Newell, Yuranty Pourier, Laurie Reti, Cayley Sparks, Meaghan Stirton, Chloe Turner-Davis. Coach: Kasia Leary.

Male volleyball

Tanner Borsa, Max Clarke, Galen Clarke, Zach Giczi, Benjamin Grundmanis, Peter Jacob, Cody Park, Austin Turner-Davis, Kyle Wallace, Jack Woodwalker. Coach: Peter Grundmanis.


Dennis Itsi, Joseph Melanson, Ryan Thompson. Coach: Rob Langmaid.

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Ross Jacobson

Feb 21, 2014 at 11:00 am

Oh goodie….
Another shopping trip sponsored by the taxpayers.

matthew johnson

Feb 21, 2014 at 6:56 pm

@Ross, Having attended the AWG as an athlete twice, I can assure you that they have next to no free time to go shopping lol. Have you ever attended? A huge amount of volunteers make these events possible, the value of the AWG for our youth is huge and can be a life changer. Our athletes have been training for two years of their young lives with countless volunteer hours from coaches, trainers and mentors. The AWG are part of our northern culture, life style and history and worth every penny. Go Team Yukon.

Jack Malone

Feb 24, 2014 at 6:46 pm

@ Ross Jacobson.  Congrats, you win the award for the most insulting and ignorant comment of the year.  Many of these athletes train throughout the year, some continue to compete at national or international levels and all benefit from participating in the AWG since 1972.

How Rude

Feb 25, 2014 at 4:06 pm

What is that saying again…Oh it goes like this Ross “If you have nothing nice say then say nothing at all”

Lisa G

Feb 25, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Best of luck to all our Yukon Athletes!


Feb 25, 2014 at 5:20 pm

The young athletes contribute hours by way of traveling on their own time and costs to practice with teams, plus selling tickets to help with AWG costs to participate in events as this. 
I wish all well in participating in the Arctic Winter Games.  You all do well and am pleased to know some of our tax $s go towards some positive events our young people can enjoy.

Walter nehring

Feb 25, 2014 at 5:50 pm

Ross, of all the squandering to snipe about, this is the last thing I would gripe about. I suspect very few of the kids mentioned here will get the experience of the new lavish jail! Besides it’s southerners tax dollars anyway! I respectfully recant the last comment if you are a southerner!!

Adele Sandrock

Feb 25, 2014 at 7:51 pm

Maybe give Ross the benefit of the doubt: He probably meant the “local celebrities” - like MP Leef, the Paz, Mayor & Council,
and whoever is thinking to dip into the travel expense pot.

Am I right Ross?

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