Yukon North Of Ordinary

News History

The Dalton Trail

March 20, 1898

Visitors to the Yukon and Alaska are always interested in the history of the areas through which they travel.

Off For Cape Nome

December 30, 1899

Advice to Argonauts Who About to Leave for the Beach Diggings.

Can’t Count His Money

September 2, 1899

Such Is the Sad Condition in Which Alexander McDonald Finds Himself.

An Atlin Road Agent

September 30, 1899

Masked Highwayman Holds Up a Stage in Real Western Style and Gets $3.55

The White Death

February 6, 1901

Of all the natural phenomena peculiar to the Rocky mountain region none is more strange, or terrible than the mysterious storm known to the Indians as "the white death".

Tragedy on the Trail

January 23, 1901

Two gentlemen, who are stopping at the Savoy, and who arrived from the inside last night, bring a story of another reported tragedy on the trail.

The New Gold Strike

January 16, 1901

The first authentic news to be received from the new strike on Livingstone creek in the Big Salmon country is that brought out by Mr. Leonard Matchett who, though not the discoverer, was one of the first locators on the creek.

Bird’s Trial Resulted in Guilty

December 31, 1901

The trial of Homer Bird for murder, at Juneau, has declared his life forfeited.

Work To Be Resumed

January 9, 1901

On The Anaconda, Rabbit Foot and White Horse Group Mines For Which Large Sums Have Been Offered and Refused

A Hazardous Trip

December 12, 1901

The Story OF Capt. Lee, Who Arrived in White Horse Monday Night with the Dawson Mail

A Ghastly Find

May 15, 1901

Early Saturday morning a report was circulated around town that the body of a man had been found on the riverbank beneath the wharf of the W.P.&Y. Route,

Late Dawson News

January 9, 1901

Dawson Jan. 4 - Four thousand Klondikers have been vaccinated under the compulsory order promulgated some time ago and the work continues unabated, though the disease is gone.

Semi-Weekly Star Perpetuated Racial Discrimination

March 22, 1902

In Canada the most complex process of racial intermingling occurred in British Columbia,

Cold Blooded Killers

September 27, 1902

A Dominion Creek Miner -- Dufor was shot by LaBelle and his body thrown into the River -- LaBelle's past career.

A Record Of A Crime Spree

August 23, 1902

Had four hundred dollars in Bank of Quebec notes when arrested -- Police hot on the trail of Fournier’s partner.

Death on the Rail

March 1, 1902

A distressing accident occurred on the W.P. & Y. Route yesterday at 11:55 a.m. abut two miles south of Frazer station.

“A Consignment Of Hockey Junk?”

January 14, 1905

Those are fightin' words!

R.W. SERVICE: Bard of the Yukon

June 20, 1905

Robert W. Service, a young Englishman with a soft Scottish accent, was probably more responsible for making the Yukon known around the world than any other writer.

Whitehorse swept by fire

May 23, 1905

Whitehorse was swept by fire early this morning and is now a mass of blackened smoking ruins. Loss $300,000.

Indoor baseball the rage of 1906

November 24, 1906

The details are sketchy but here's what we know so far...