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Infill plan envisions 26 lots being created across the city

If the city pursues infill plans as currently proposed,

By Stephanie Waddell on August 9, 2017

If the city pursues infill plans as currently proposed, a total of 26 new residential lots would be created in existing neighbourhoods.

At Monday evening’s city council meeting, members voted in favour of moving on to the next phase of public consultation for proposed infill plans that would add residential sites to a variety of neighbourhoods.

The first phase sought feedback on the possibility of using the proposed land for residential development along with looking at potential issues that could impact development.

That resulted in the elimination of three of the proposed sites – one in Mary Lake and two in Whitehorse Copper.

That leaves a total of nine sites that could potentially be developed, with the city now releasing more detailed plans, including the number of lots proposed for each site.

With council’s vote Monday, residents are now being asked for their thoughts on the more detailed plans.

“The city understands that our citizens value their local greenspace, and we are working to find the best approach for integrating new development into existing neighbourhoods,” city planner Kindon Kosick said in a statement.

“Input from this phase of the project will be used to help draft a zoning amendment bylaw and final lot designs for council decision to proceed or not.”

The city has maps showing the potential lots on its website. They show:

• five country residential lots along Couch Road in Hidden Valley toward the North Klondike Highway, with two lots being 1.01 hectares and three at 1.02 ha;

• on Talus Drive in Whitehorse Copper, three country residential lots that would be 1.09 ha, 1.08 ha and 1.03 ha next to the park at Esker and further down near Moraine Drive, two country residential lots would be 1.01 ha;

• in Mary Lake on Fireweed Drive, a total of five country residential lots would be created at 1.4 ha, 1.38 ha, 1.09 ha, 1.07 ha, and 1.06 ha;

• in Cowley Creek on Salmon Trail across from Dolly Varden Drive, two country residential lots at 1.03 ha and 1.04 ha would be created;

• in Porter Creek on Wann Road near Basswood Street, one 0.25 ha single-detached lot would be created;

• in Arkell on Sandpiper Drive approaching Heron Drive, two new single-detached lots of 645 square metres and 730 square metres would be created;

• in Logan on Finch Crescent between Magpie Road and Falcon Drive, there would be four single-family lots (with no allowance for duplexes) measuring 985 square metres, 888 square metres, 775 square metres and 564 square metres. There would also be another lot off of Magpie Crescent next to the Finch, with sites measuring 582 square metres; and

• in Granger at the corner of Wilson Drive and Hayes Crescent, one residential single-detached lot at 0.11 ha would be created.

Along with providing maps showing the proposed lots, officials also explain that the sites in urban areas were selected for infill, as the zoning needed is already in place and utility services are available.

“The country residential sites (Talus/Moraine, Fireweed, Salmon) were chosen based on the contour mapping and site visits. The city is also undertaking some background work regarding environmental issues,” it’s noted.

Any of the country residential sites would require rezoning before they could be developed.

“There is significant council and public process that needs to be completed prior to lot sales,” it’s noted.

“If this results in a council decision to proceed, it is expected that a lottery could be held late in 2017 or early 2018.

“If the proposed lots proceed through the council approval processes, there would likely be two separate – but simultaneous – land lotteries, as some of the lots are owned by the city and some are owned by the Yukon government.”

Separate surveys on the country residential sites and urban sites are available through the city’s website and open for responses until noon on Oct. 23.

Residents can also email the city about the plans at housinglots@whitehorse.ca

The proposed zoning changes for the country residential lots would also come forward in the fall with a public hearing on the zoning changes expected in mid-October, with a final decision anticipated by Oct. 30.

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In fill is a good idea in some areas on Aug 11, 2017 at 3:01 pm

In fill reduces the cost of services and makes our tax dollars more effectively invested. WC

Up 11 Down 6

Miles Ocean on Aug 10, 2017 at 9:53 pm

Here we go again.

You buy in the country and then the city allows 2 homes per lot (a home and a a garden suite) and then of course the city wants to infill many areas zoned as environmental protection, greenspace and park.

Even if you bought 35 years ago, it was your most significant investment. You chose to be in the country for the peace and quiet but of course times have changed and as Josey Wales always says, Whitehorse has become a ----hole.

And of course the city and motorized lobby groups want to put motorized trails right next to homes and within environmentally sensitive areas. They want to get out on the trails which actually usually means to tear them up and make lots of noise.

They (city and motorized user groups) seem to think there is no compelling reason to protect these area.

If you suggest that city planning is very poor and people do not want infilling or noisy trails near their homes then salt of the earth people like Atom brand you as elitist and a "ridiculous circus of nays and nimbys".

And of course council thinks you are complainers and they do not ask questions when people like the Mary Lake resident raised valid and very sincere points.

And of course many people like Atom say we have it too good and do not want to share.

Up 5 Down 1

Yukoner on Aug 10, 2017 at 2:07 pm

LIke how the Talus sites are "feasible" if you construct a giant ditch behind the lots to prevent swamp water from coming in. Sounds like the city is trying a little too hard there.

Up 17 Down 8

Atom on Aug 9, 2017 at 8:54 pm

With all the Jayne Wz out there the City should just pick two spots to create 30 lot subdivisions (not for contractors, just for folks who want to build their own house on it...I know, gasp) and just do it because if you ask anyone in proximity for an opinion they will cry loss of heritage of 9 yrs living there and sight lines (? really) hydrology and geographic studies that existed when 'they' built there but didn't forbid them...etc.
It's the City's land, they should just do it or this ridiculous circus of nays and nimbys will rattle on forever.

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