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February 25, 1984

  • 1984 - First Yukon Quest After months of hoping and planning. 26 dog teams charged out of the starting gate in Fairbanks for the first run of the Yukon Quest on February 25, 1984.

August 2, 1982

  • Fire burning out of control The Alaska Highway is open again after being closed for much of the weekend, but firefighters continue to battle a 160,000-hectare blaze that has already engulfed one small community and threatens another.

May 3, 1979

May 8, 1978

  • Appeal Filed In Rolls Murder Case John Rolls was found guilty of first degree murder in 1978 and was given a life sentence but the conviction was overturned by the Yukon Court of Appeals on the grounds that the presiding judge misdirected the jury.

September 14, 1977

  • Ross River "In Shock" Ross River is "in shock” as a result of the point-blank gun slaying Monday night of prominent Yukon mining man Al Kulan.

August 21, 1974

July 26, 1974

June 21, 1974

  • Riverboats Up In Flames Hundreds of people stood on the banks of the Yukon River yesterday morning and cried as the riverboats CASCA and WHITEHORSE were engulfed by flames.

January 27, 1972

July 6, 1969

  • A convicted user talks about Marijuana (In reply to a recent article by Dr. Lyall Black, Zone Director, Northern Health Services, the following letter has been received from Ian Rankin, who was recently convicted on a marijuana charge in the Yukon.)

June 14, 1969

May 12, 1969

May 8, 1969

  • Pioneer Company Closes Store After 42 years in Whitehorse, and more than 100 in the north, the Northern Commercial Company Limited announced today that it will close its Whitehorse department store as of this Saturday. When the key is turned in the lock at 5:30 it will be for the last time.

May 5, 1969

  • Million Dollar Remodeling For Highway Traffic Circle Tenders for the reconstruction of 18 miles of the Alaska Highway from Mile 909.2 to Mile 928.5 closed on Thursday, My 1, 1969. The lowest bid was $961,584 submitted by Nanaimo Bulldozing Co. Ltd. of Nanaimo B.C.

February 3, 1969

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